From fall cleaning to clearing to cleansing.

From fall cleaning to clearing to cleansing.

I’ve never been much of a New Year’s resolution kind of girl. All that pressure and the crushing blow to the ego when you inevitably fail. No, I’ve always believed that every day presents a new opportunity to start fresh. Or as is often the case for me…to course correct. But there’s something about the transition to fall that makes me want to get my proverbial s@#t together!

With back-to-school and new routines in full swing, I get a bit of a thrill from fall cleaning and reorganization. Yes some women like wine by a roaring fire. Me, I get turned on by a sponge and a bottle of spray bleach. Seriously, something about it makes me feel renewed, recharged and in control.

My family? It usually involves lots of Hefty trash bags and me yelling at no one in particular that purging and living with less is good for the spirit. There’s no room for sentimentality in my annual fall clean up.

With the recent of launch of this blog, my thinking has evolved to include fall “cleansing”. {see what I did there} There’s no better time to take stock of your routines than the transition of a new season. Besides I love lists!

De-clutter your environment. De-clutter your mind.

Tied to fall cleaning, little affects my mood more than a well-organized environment. I’m highly sensitive to clutter and suspect I’m not alone. Our eyes communicate with our minds so when there’s a lot of imagery around us we can easily become over stimulated and overwhelmed.

To manage my motivation and stay focused, I use two strategies: either conquer by room (home office, kitchen, etc) or by task (clear closets, organize paperwork). But honestly it doesn’t matter what your strategy is, the hardest part is to begin.

Or spend an hour at the Container Store. I dare you to leave uninspired.

fall cleaning

Reinvigorate your morning routine.

Studies have shown that we’re most productive {and perhaps most optimistic} in the morning. Our energy levels and ability to focus gradually decline throughout the course of the day. {think the 3 pm slump} A couple of things that have worked for me personally. First I always set my coffee pot for 5 am. The smell alone can raise me from the deepest slumber.

Experts say warm water mixed with lemon is your best beverage choice to aid your digestive system and rehydrate yourself. But they haven’t seen me in a stumbling, drunken fog of incoherency prior to my caffeine fix. Your choice.

Next I set a mantra for the day. If I have a particularly stressful work day ahead I may repeat “God grant me patience and clarity.” On the opposite end, if I have a hectic day planned with the kids my chant may be “God may I be fully present and enjoy each moment today.” Sometimes it’s as honest as “Dear Lord please keep all jackasses out of my path today.” I find that God appreciates authenticity.

Then I meditate or work out. Either way I stay off social media. Your brain needs to settle into the day with positivity and that doesn’t include dogs dressed as humans.

good vibes

And I ALWAYS make my bed in the morning. I never could articulate why it makes me so happy and it was one of my many neuroses my husband didn’t understand …. until he heard a Navy SEAL tell a group of graduates that making your bed sets the tone for your day. One small task completed instills a sense of pride and encourages more productivity. He can roll his eyes at me but he can’t argue with a military man.

Prioritize your personal time

Between work, household responsibilities and the demands of children, there isn’t much time left…. Evaluate what matters most to you and put it on the calendar. For me, my schedule always includes 4 workouts per week and at least 1 outing with a friend. Those are non-negotiable.

Couple time and family time are incredibly important but pursuing what makes you happy and balanced is critical to your wellbeing. {also known as if mama ain’t happy…}

walking leaves resized

Set a personal goal

A friend of mine does this each season and I’m trying to adopt it.

It can be as simple as finishing the book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for months.

Give your workout a kick-start by trying a new, trendy class (like tai chi or aerial yoga)

Start an evening journal. It’s a great way to settle your mind before drifting off the sleep.

Create a book group, cocktail club or find a walking buddy. {this could fall under personal time and personal goals so you’ve got a twofer}

Clean Out

Make a list and find a way to clean out the negative and open up the positive. Here’s some thought starters that just happen to be on my list.

  • Remove self doubt and sabotage
  • Stop over-thinking
  • Don’t live in the past or in the future
  • Stop trying to please everyone
  • Spend less time on social media

One final word on fall cleaning, clearing and cleansing…it’s about simplification and focusing on things that matter to you. So grab yourself a pumpkin-spiced latte, find a quiet spot and go for autumnal gold.


3 thoughts on “From fall cleaning to clearing to cleansing.”

  • I would also say that I am highly sensitive to clutter. Anytime I get an opportunity to clear out a space in my home I feel so much better, it really is therapeutic. I love that your article talks about the importance of cleaning home and clearing your mind as well. So important.

    • Hi Gayle, thanks for stopping by! Therapeutic is a great word because it acknowledges the process is as important as the outcome.

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