Finding extraordinary in the ordinary

Finding extraordinary in the ordinary

Yogis know that each asana {yoga posture} represents elements of life and carries with it spiritual learnings to connect us closer to the divine (God for me!) nature and one another. To me one of the most underrated poses is tadasana or “mountain.” Prescribed as a transition in sun salutations, tadasana is meant to integrate the effects of the previous pose and prepare us for the next series. However, when you break down its components, you find the deeper meaning and underlying value within it.

Physically we build from the root, softening the knees, engaging the thighs, lifting the belly, expanding the heart, relaxing the shoulders, opening our palms and finally softening our gaze. Often it is in mountain pose that we set the intention for our practice and chant “OM.”

In tadasana we check in with ourselves. Not looking for perfectionism but honoring where we are now. The elements of the pose are really three-fold: connecting to the earth, becoming fully present in our breath and reaching for the divine from our elongated spine through the crown of our head.

Tadasana invites us to become aware, still and mindful of the moment that we’re in. It is not physically challenging but rather a reminder that there is beauty in the pause.


finding extraordinary coffee and muffin Photo by Rob Bye on Unsplash
Photo by Rob Bye, Unsplashed

The “pause” is so critical for me personally. In my stubbornness, impatience and sometimes feisty attitude, the breath can turn a knee-jerk reaction into a well-considered response. Who feels good after an impulsive, explosive overreaction? {I know, some situations call for an f-bomb but fewer than we think.}

The “pause” allows receptivity to what the divine seeks from us. Too often I’m so busy talking and thinking that I don’t stop and listen. {insert collective nod from my family}

The “pause” expands our consciousness to what’s happening within us and around us and can be the difference between a fleeting moment and a lasting impression.

The “pause” is finding appreciation in each moment, no matter how ordinary it may appear on the surface.

This week, take tadasana off the mat. Find moments in the day to physically and mentally absorb God’s whispers, your inner voice, your surroundings, your interactions and your actions.

Wishing you many extraordinary moments.


12 thoughts on “Finding extraordinary in the ordinary”

  • Love this post! One of the few yoga poses I can do in my current condition is tadasana but to step back and look at it the benefits not just the transition of this pose is something I take advantage of way to often. I will be taking the time to find the tadasana more in my everyday moments.

    • Thank you Meagan! As a yoga instructor I really appreciate the sacredness and meaning behind each of the poses. It’s not easy to take the lessons off the mat ~ for sure. But that’s why it’s called yoga practice. We’re all a work in progress! Namaste.

    • Thanks for visiting Megan! I love studying all the meaning behind the poses. I find it deepens the spiritual side of my practice.

    • Yes it is Vanessa! As a mom I’ve found over the years that it is the small, everyday moments that I ~ and my children ~ appreciate the most. But it’s taken me a long time to slow down and appreciate it.

    • Hi Innana, that’s such a great philosophy for a mom! It’s been a really hard lesson for me over the years. But children grow up quickly. Even in the mess of the every day we need to enjoy those micro-moments like cuddling, coloring, even setting the table. Best of luck!

    • Thank you so so much Ashley! I’m new to blogging and it’s a strange feeling to write about something that you feel passionate about and wonder if it will resonate at all ~ or if you’re totally alone and a geek. Appreciate your comment. Namaste!

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